Sharing Life in the Word

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and loving instruction is on her tongue. 

Proverbs 31:26


Our Women’s Ministry exists to engage women with the truth of God’s Word in the context of meaningful relationships

Our desire is for women to grow in their understanding of and relationship with God as they interact with His word. Women’s Bible Study is also a great time for fellowship with other women as you share what God is teaching you and pray for each other. The small groups are a wonderful blend of younger and older women who have so much to offer each other. 

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey or stage of life, you are welcome here. 

We sincerely hope that through Women's Bible Study you will engage with the scriptures like never before and come away with a new understanding of God’s Word and yourself.  With multiple meeting times and study options, consider now how to fit one into your schedule. For more information, please contact Mary-Alice Deboer.


Thursday Bible Study Groups

Do you find that you know a lot of individual characters in the Bible, but you just aren’t sure how they all fit together? This fall we will be shaking things up a little during our Thursday studies, and spending some time considering the storyline of Scripture. We will be working through Vaughn Roberts’ book, God’s Big Picture, and gaining some valuable training to help us understand:

  • How it all fits together,

  • how to trace different themes from Genesis to Revelation,

  • how the gospel is central to all of Scripture,

  • and why it matters that we view it this way.

Then in the Winter/Spring term, we will return to our regular formats and discover the riches of God’s letter to the Hebrews. We will see glorious connections to what we learned last year in Exodus, discovering the God who calls us to draw near to him and enter his rest.

Come join us when we start up in September.

Want to catch up on previous Bible studies you’ve missed? Recordings of current and previous Bible study teachings are now available, including studies in Exodus, Mark, Hosea, and Ruth.