2018 Women’s Retreat - October 26-27
to Oct 27

2018 Women’s Retreat - October 26-27

Cultivating Contentment: A Walk Through the Exodus

Contentment isn’t found in having everything turn out just how we would like, but in trusting a faithful God to give us just what we need. Join us for a one night get-away as we consider how we can cultivate contentment together as a community of women who share a deep love of Jesus.

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Women’s Ministry Fall Kick Off
7:00 PM19:00

Women’s Ministry Fall Kick Off

  • Hinson Baptist Church - Community Hall (map)
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Come gather with women to see what is in store this year for women at Hinson Baptist Church. We will share in fellowship, food  (dessert will be provided), and prayer as we explore the coming year's opportunities.

You will hear about many different aspects of Hinson's ministry to women this evening - such as the retreat and Real Life Gospel. Something for everyone - so everyone should come!

In addition to the many opportunities you will hear about, this evening will include an introduction to Exodus, which is the focus of the Thursday morning and evening Bible study groups. Learn more and register for Thursday morning or evening Bible Study. The study runs from September through April 2019.

"What if I am not going to attend one of those," you ask? Come anyway! The information covered will be beneficial to everyone - even if you can't participate in an ongoing study group.

We do hope you will join us for this fun evening!
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2018 Men's Gathering
6:30 PM18:30

2018 Men's Gathering

This is our first Men's Gathering! Twice a year we will pull the men of HBC together for fellowship, good food and to discuss an important topic.

This year we'll be talking about spiritual friendship in the gospel. Scott Atherton is smoking some pork for us to eat up.

It will be from 6:30-8:30 in the Woolstenhulme's backyard on the corner of SE 19th & Main. There will be a $5 cost to help cover the pulled pork and sides. If cost would prohibit you from coming, don't let that stop you. Just hit "pay later" when registering.

You don't want to miss it!

This registration form is synced with our church management software. So don't be alarmed when you type your email and it knows you who you are. It's the same information we use to make our directory. Thank you!

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Hinson Weekender
to May 20

Hinson Weekender

Our Weekender immerses church leaders and seminarians in the life of HBC over the course of a weekend. You'll get an up-close and personal experience with our services, congregational meeting, focused teaching on the church, plenty of Q&A, and even sitting in an elder's meeting. The point is not to replicate exactly what you see. In fact, we'd prefer you don't! But we do want to show you what we do and the biblical and pastoral reasoning behind it. We hope this creates meaningful relationships with other churches while building one each other up. We would love you to join us. Bring your yourselves and whatever questions you have. From leadership to worship to body life, it’s all on the table!

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2018 9Marks Conference | Northwest
to Mar 3

2018 9Marks Conference | Northwest

This conference will be a chance for you to listen and learn about word-centered ministry that begins with expository preaching and continues into all other areas of church ministry. It will provide you with the opportunity to not only sit under great teaching, but also to participate in Q&A sessions with the speakers, and build relationships with other like-minded pastors and students. Whether you are a preaching pastor, lay-elder, staff member, or regular attender, you’ll find this conference helpful. If you love your local church and want to see it get stronger, this conference will be a fruitful setting for you to grow in your understanding of how to help.

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to Feb 10

Culture Conference

The Portland Culture Conference encourages Christians to consider the way we shape and are shaped by our world. Church and school leaders, teachers and students will be challenged to see life and culture in the context of history and eternity. The Gospel of Christ is not merely a beautiful truth to guide our spiritual lives, but it sheds light and wisdom on all of life, from Creation to the Church to all realms of Culture.

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