This church exists for the glory of God. We believe that God created us to be in relationship with Him through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we strive to bring Him glory in all that we do, but particularly through our life together as a church, as we gather together to sing His praises, offer our prayers, hear His Word, and love and care for one another. Our desire is to be a church where the love of Jesus Christ is seen and proclaimed, here in Portland and around the world.

From Pastor Michael Lawrence:

Many of you have heard me talk about growing a culture of discipleship here at Hinson. If you've joined in the last three years, I asked you in your interview if you were interested in meeting up one on one with another Christian to help each other grow. For some, discipling is as basic as breathing. For others, it's a new concept. I'm convinced it's the fundamental mission of the church. Jesus didn't tell us to make converts. He said, "Go and make disciples...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." (Mat 28:19-20) To help all of us in this task, 9Marks has produced a collection of articles on Discipling in the Church. There's something here for everyone at Hinson, and I want to encourage you to take the time to read this, pray about it, and then begin to put it into practice in your own life, for the glory of God. Check out the 9Marks articles.

The Gospel at Work Conference Links

The audio recordings of the The Gospel at Work conference held at Hinson, both the keynote sessions and the breakout sessions, can be found here.

T4G 2014 Links

Our pastors have just recently returned from the 2014 Together for the Gospel conference and highly recommend taking the time to listen to the recordings from this conference. The main sessions can be found here and the evangelism videos (also highly recommended) can be found here.

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