Keeping Our Kids Safe

Our primary goal in our children's & youth ministries is to create a safe and loving environment for children. How we seek to accomplish this goal is laid out in our Child & Volunteer Protection Policy Handbook.

As part of your ongoing service to the families and children at Hinson, we ask that you read over the materials linked on this page on child abuse and child abuse prevention. We require that these materials be read by all Family ministry volunteers. The materials that you read may be disturbing to you. But we understand that in order to protect the kids in our care, we must be familiar with the threats and evil out there to better deflect child abuse in our midst.

In addition, only one of the materials is written from a Christian worldview. For example Dr. Anna Salter claims that religious institutions “are built upon a belief that people are fundamentally good and there to help others”. We believe the opposite of what Dr. Salter claims, but nonetheless we agree that “the church” can be a target for sexual predators.

Once you are finished reading these materials, we ask that you take a short quiz which merely assures us that you read the materials. You are welcome to look back at the articles and materials when you are taking the quiz.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel in the church office.

Thank you for your ministry among us.

In Christ,

Daniel Schreiner
Associate Pastor of Students & Families