Membership in a local church is the public declaration that you belong to this Body, and that we belong to you. It is a mutual commitment made by the individual and the congregation to carry out the commands of the New Testament to love and serve and protect one another. Our prayer is that membership at Hinson Baptist Church would display to those around us what God’s love looks like.

How to Join

Membership Application Form

A link to our membership form can be found here. By filling out this form, you give our Pastors and Elders information to get your membership process started.

Newcomers Lunch

Every couple of months, we hold a Newcomers Lunch, which takes place after a Sunday morning service. All non-members have a chance to get to know our Staff and Elders, ask questions about the church, and hear about why they should commit to a church. At that lunch, each attendee will receive a booklet, Discover Hinson, that will allow you to get to learn more about our church's doctrine, history, and life together.

Membership Interview

Once you have attended a newcomer's lunch and filled out the above form, the Church Office will contact you to see if you'd like to schedule a membership interview with one of the Pastors. In an approximately 45-minute meeting, the prospective member meets with a Pastor to recount how God has saved them and to share their understanding of the gospel. The prospective member would also sign the church’s Statement of Faith. We ask that you read the Discover Hinson booklet before the membership interview if possible.

Elder Recommendation

The Elders review the applicant’s membership application at a regularly scheduled Elders’ meeting. Upon their collective approval, the application proceeds to the congregation for their approval.

Congregational Vote

At the next congregational meeting, the congregation hears the Pastor recount the testimony of the applicant and they vote to receive them into membership.