Sunday Morning Worship

We meet every Sunday at 10:45AM for our Sunday Morning Worship Service. All are welcome!

What to Expect:


One of the blessings of being a historic church is that we have a congregation full of saints who have been walking with Jesus for decades. When you come to Hinson, you’ll notice that this is an older congregation, but don’t let that intimidate you! We also have many members in all stages of life, from young adults, to newly married, from young families, to middle age. So regardless of your age or demographic, we want to help you get connected in meaningful relationships here at Hinson. Given our wide diversity of age, on any given Sunday morning, you’ll find anything from jeans and a sweatshirt, to a suit and tie.


As those who have come to know God’s forgiveness, we love to sing His praises. Together, as a church, we want to give glory to God for the grace He has shown to us through Jesus Christ. We do this through a blend of old hymns and contemporary choruses, all declaring the truth of Who God is and what He has done. While we have a variety of musicians and vocalists assisting us, the main “instrument” of our singing is the congregation, as we lift our collective voices together in worship to God.


We believe that God yet speaks today through His Word and each Sunday we anticipate hearing from Him. Therefore, the main event of our Sunday morning worship is the preaching of God’s Word. Rather than simply hearing the preacher’s ideas on a topic, his intent will be to open up the Bible and help us come to understand its relevance for our lives. If you don’t have a Bible, we are happy to provide one for you. Our hope is that in hearing God’s Word and receiving it by faith, you would encounter God Himself, in all of his glory and goodness.


Once a month, at the conclusion of our service, we celebrate the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. In partaking of the bread and the cup, we remember how our Lord gave his body and blood for our salvation, and has united us together into one Body. Likewise, as we have opportunity, we also celebrate the ordinance of Baptism at the conclusion of our service. Upon their profession of faith, we are able to observe this wonderful picture of a Christian’s union with Christ, as we are buried with him in death, but raised with him to newness of life.


After the service, we hope you will stick around and give us a chance to get to know you. Our members enjoy staying to talk to visitors and catching up with friends, so feel free to introduce yourself to someone around you. If there is anything for which you would like prayer, we have Prayer Partners down front and they would love to pray with you. From time to time, we have luncheons and potlucks, which any visitor would be welcome to attend. Also, you can stop by our Dining Hall or Coffee Cart for refreshments and to browse our Bookstall, or if you want to learn more about the church, feel free to talk to one of the pastors at the door or stop by the Information Desk.