Small Groups

Throughout the week, our members gather regularly in each other’s homes for fellowship, prayer and to study God’s Word. Though all these groups are seeking to study God’s Word, this can take various forms. Some groups are working through a book of the Bible, while other groups will be studying a Christian book. Some groups are focusing on a particular topic (like marriage), while others will be discussing how to apply the most recent sermon to their lives. We have men’s groups and women’s groups, as well as community groups made up of both men and women. Each of these groups carries the responsibility to build one another up as brothers and sisters in the Lord, by committed and accountable relationships. They serve as a great complement to the ministry of the Word that happens on Sundays.

But more than weekly small groups, our vision is for there to be a culture of discipleship in the church. We want to see Christians meeting up one on one with other Christians to help each other grow. For some, discipling is as basic as breathing. For others, it's a new concept. We are convinced it's the fundamental mission of the church. Jesus didn't tell us to make converts. He said, "Go and make disciples...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." (Mat 28:19-20) If you want to learn more about our vision for discipleship, check out the 9Marks Journal on Discipleship. Better yet, begin living this out in your local church!