Though the apostles called all Christian to exercise watchful care over one another, they also saw to it that elders, also called pastors or overseers, were appointed within each church. The elders are to look after the congregation as shepherds, feeding the people through God’s Word, leading them by example, and protecting them from false teaching (1 Peter 5; Acts 20). For many years, Hinson has subscribed to an elder-led model of church leadership, which we believe is consistent with what we see in the New Testament. Some of our elders are employed by the church as pastors, though most work in secular jobs throughout Portland. All our elders have been recognized by the congregation as meeting the qualifications set out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. As those who will one day give an account, the elders labor diligently in prayer and providing spiritual oversight for the church.

Meet Our Elders